Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser

Camp runs bi-annually; first camp typically starts in late-January/early-February, second camp starts tentatively in early September. See posted flyers for specifics, when available.

Biggest loser is great for anyone looking to lose some pounds, but also a great camp for those looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle! 

Winners are determined by both percentage of body weight lost and overall camp participation… not simply by total pounds lost!

Biggest Loser-specific classes and team challenges are tailored to introductory and intermediate difficulty levels.

Divisions determined by whether participants have a BMI (body mass index) higher/lower than 28 (via initial weigh-in).

Official Weigh-ins and body measurements: beginning, mid-camp and final weights are taken on a body-composition scale.

Unlimited access to water aerobics, aerobics and cycling classes during camp.

Daily calorie counting training and nutritional information via weekly newsletters from trainers.

Email access to Trainers for answers to questions and expert advice.


And much more! Camp kicks off on February 5 at CHRC! Sign up in person at CHRC (to verify Membership level). 

Camp is limited to 50 participants.

Contact Holli Young for details on the next camp!