Personal Training

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer provides benefits beyond simply having someone to encourage and motivate you during your exercise routines. Qualified personal trainers serve as business partners in fitness, offering their expertise in developing and supervising your training plan. Personal trainers are contracted by CHRC as independent contractors and are responsible for collecting their own fees for their services. The cost of admission into the facility is NOT covered by your payment to the trainer.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

It is always recommended that you make an initial interview with your personal trainer where you can go over goal setting, diet analysis and a fitness review. A fitness review usually consists of taking measurements and calculating your body fat percentage, followed by instruction on how to take and calculate your target heart rate based on your age and exercise level. Benefits of a personal trainer include personalized workouts with a structured program, providing you with a balanced program of fitness. You'll also receive advice on long and short term goal setting and attaining, proper machine usage and a motivational workout partner. 

Please visit the Personal Trainer bio area in the main hallway @ CHRC or pdffind current trainer bios here. 

  • Personal Trainers are Independent Contractors with the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area, and as such, their business and services are not endorsed, sponsored by or done in partnership with CHPRSA.
  • Individual profiles are written and provided by Personal Trainers. 
  • Contact information is either on the respective bio or available via their business cards, located in the main hallway at CHRC.
  • Trainer costs are not communicated to CHRC; please contact specific trainers in regards to their fees. 

Contact Warren Hallmark with any additional questions.