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Can I add a Nanny or Grandparent to my membership?Only if they are claimed as a depended per IRS, if you do we need to see proof of this. Otherwise they would need to purchase their own membership. If you live in the boundaries we need to see proof that they live in your home, proof being a cell phone bill, bank statement ext.
What do I need to bring to set up my Membership?If you are a resident in our Service Area Boundaries, you will need to bring one of the following: Current Utility Bill, Mortgage or Rental Agreement, Bank or Insurance Statement. Drivers licenses are NOT excepted as proof of residency. Licenses are not updated as often as needed to used as current proof.
I live in Cottonwood Heights, why am I not in your boundries?On July 26, 1967, the community, along with the Salt Lake County Board of Commissioners created the Salt Lake County Service Area No. 2. It was created to provide enhanced park and recreational services for the citizens in the community through the collection of property taxes and was defined by a geographical boundary. 
Cottonwood Heights City was not established until 2005 and the City boundries are larger than ours. If you are still unsure if you are paying taxes to us look for this on your property tax notice.
Cottonwood Heights Parks - In our boundaries 
Cottonwood Heights City & Cottonwood Heights Improvement District - does NOT mean you are in our boundaries
At what age can I use the Cardio & Fitness Equipment?You must be 14 years old or older per our insurance policy. No exceptions!
Membership Card PolicyIt is our policy that ALL members show current membership cards every time they use the facility. This is not meant to cause an inconvenience but a protection for our members. With approximately 10,000 members, it is very difficult to remember each membership expiration date. We appreciate your cooperation.
Renewal RatesThese will be the same as the current rates but will reflect a 5% discount if renewed on or before your membership expiration date. Membership ID cards are provided with each new membership. Replacement cards are available for $5.00 each.
Membership UpgradesThere must be at least 6 months remaining on your membership in order to upgrade to another level. Example: Basic to Premium, Premium to Ultimate, Single to Couple or Single to Family.
Do I need to pay to watch if i'm not swimming?*You MUST be in the water with any children 5 & under. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Indoor PoolNo, If you are just watching don't need to pay. 
-Outdoor PoolYes, It is area admission not swim admission outside
Can I wear lifejackets in the pool?We allow floatation devices in the shallow areas (under 4ft) - Not in the Dive Tank or Outdoor Racing Pool.
Are mermaid tails allowed?Yes, in shallow areas ONLY (under 4ft) and the mermaid MUST be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 18. At the lifeguards discretion based on swimming ability and number of patrons in the pool.
Ice Arena 
Are skate rentals included in the General Admission price?Yes, there is no extra fee for rentals. They are FREE for members as well!
How do I rent a Bobby the Seal?Seals are for Skaters 8 years and younger
Seals will only be checked out to and MUST be supervised by and Adult at all times 
Limit of one per adult
Photo ID collateral required
Seals are exclusively for skating aid purposes and will be revoked for misuse and/or safety concerns
Are wheelchairs allowed on the Ice?Yes! 
Strollers are NOT allowed