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Youth Flag Football

Flag football is a volunteer coach league. 

A flyer for a Youth Flag Football program running from September 4 to October 26, 2024, with registration details and contact info.
Flag Football Fall 2024 Flyer.pdf


Members: $65

Non- Members: $75

Late Registration: $10 additional fee

Late registration is available based on league availability, and at the discretion of the Recreation and Fitness Department

Games, Practices, & League Information 
Games are held at Mill Hollow Park: 
  • 2900 Hollow Mill Drive, Cottonwood Heights
  • 1st/2nd Rookie League - Wednesdays between 5:00 and 7:00pm
  • 3rd - 8th Grade Leagues - Saturdays between 8:30am and 1:30pm
Practices days and times are determined by coaches and are not chosen or assigned until teams rosters are finalzed. 

This is a RECREATION Flag Football league. Flag Football is a great introduction into learning the fundamentals of football with an emphasis on fun and fair play. This flag football league is recommended for individuals who wants a safer alternative to contact football but also a great start for kids who would someday like to play in full contact leagues. 

  • League is programmed in various aspects in an effort to promote FUN over wins and losses.
  • Teams are compiled as a result of many variables, but specifically: reported skill level, current age and school. 
  • All games will be held at Mill Hollow Park: 2900 Hollow Mill Drive, Cottonwood Heights
  • Rosters will NOT change once they are distributed.
  • Schedules do NOT change once they have been posted.
  • Our league has strict rules regarding sportsmanlike conduct.
    • Foul behavior from spectators, coaches, or participants toward any spectator, coach, participant, referee, or staff is not allowed and is grounds for expulsion from the league.
  • The provided jersey/uniform is the "participation award". 
  • There are no playoffs, standings, or league champions. 
    • We do keep score and consequently indicate who wins and losses, but this information is not published after the fact.
  • Coaches are committed to:
    • Ensure all players play equal amounts of time, and have a fair opportunity to learn every position, if desired. 
    • Promote good sportsmanship.
    • Respect other coaches, players, staff members and officials. 
  • Rookie League: 1st & 2nd Grades
    • Focus on the introductory elements of football; "games" consist of 15 minute practices before leading into two 15-minute halves. 
    • One weekly game, additional practices optional and scheduled by coach, if applicable.
  • Recreation League: 3rd-8th Grades
    • Basic rules and gameplay, at least one weekly game, practices optional and scheduled by coach. 
    Friend Requests 
    friend requests
    • Friend requests are  limited to one per player and must be reciprocal (i.e. Jack requests Sawyer, Sawyer requests Jack).
    • Friend requests that are not reciprocal or exceed the one request maximum will not be honored.
    • Friend requests THAT FOLLOW OUR FRIEND REQUEST PROTOCOL are fulfilled as often as possible.
    Volunteer Coaches 
    May contain: advertisement, poster, ball, football, soccer, soccer ball, sport, text, basketball, and basketball (ball)
    Coach Code of Conduct 
    A "Coaches Code of Conduct" document for Cottonwood Heights Recreation Youth Sports, outlining behavior expectations for their team and officials.
    Spectator Code of Conduct 
    A code of conduct poster for spectators at Cottonwood Heights Recreation Youth Sports, outlining respectful behavior and consequences for violations.
    Weather & Cancellations 

    Weather and Cancellations

    •  CHRC may cancel scheduled use of the field(s) according to the following criteria:
      • Unplayable field conditions or safety concerns:
        • Fields being excessively wet or dry.
        • Standing water on large portions of the field which cannot be avoided.
        • Exposed sprinklers and/or sprinkler lines.
        • Excessive damage(s) to the field.
      • Weather:
        • Visible lightning, audible thunder, or hail.
          • Note that games/programs could only be suspended in these cases, but must wait until conditions clear up to resume.
          • Field activity should not resume until 30 minutes after last seen lightning strike. 
        • Heavy rain, sleet or snow.
        • Extreme heat or cold.

    Note that CHRC additionally reserves the right to cancel any scheduled field use for any reason not specified above, at their sole discretion with little or no notice, if applicable.

    Youth Programs Misson & GoalsPolicy #240 Refunds.pdf

    For questions regarding Flag Football please contact us here.