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The Ice Arena will re-open Thursday, July 11th.

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The Ice Skating programs at CHRC are designed to create the highest degree of fun and enthusiasm possible for skating, regardless of age or ability levels.

This is a year-round skating program for beginners that are looking to develop basic skating skills while having fun. These classes help all skaters learn basic technique in the sports of figure skating and hockey. Our LTS program is designed so skaters will progress through various skill levels learning to skate forward and backward, stop, do crossovers, as well as a variety of other skills. Classes are taught by Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center’s qualified skating staff to ensure proper learning, safety and a fun experience for skaters of all ages and abilities. (Specialty classes are also offered.)                                                

Flyer for Summer Skating Classes, including Learn-to-Skate and Aspire Academy with a schedule, pricing, and contact information.
Updated 6/20/2024
Summer LTS Aspire Flyer 2024.pdf


Penguin Pal Level Descriptions 

Penguin Pal One

  • Sit and stand up with skates on: off the ice
  • Sit and stand up with skates on: on the ice
  • March in place
  • Forward marching: 8-10 steps
  • Forward march into two-foot glide (1/2 - 1 body length)
  • Dip in place
  • Dip while moving

Penguin Pal Two

  • Scooter or T-push (R & L foot)
  • Forward skating across the width of the arena
  • Foward swizzle action in place
  • Forward swizzles: 4-6 in a row
  • Snowplow stop skid action in place
  • Two-foot hop in place
  • Helicopter turn
Beginner to Intermediate Level Descriptions 

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Beginning Skate 1

  • Sit on ice and stand up
  • Forward marching across the ice
  • Forward two-foot glide
  • Dip while moving
  • Forward fish: 6-8 in a row
  • Backward wiggles: 6-8 in a row
  • Snowplow skid in place
    • Bonus: Two foot hop in place

Beginning Skate 2

  • T-push into forward two-foot glide (R & L)
  • Forward one-foot glide (R&L)
  • Backward two-foot glide from backward wiggles
  • 1 forward + 1 backward fish; 2-3 in a row
  • Backward fish; 6-8 in a row
  • "Tango" turn: both directions
  • Moving snowplow stop: R or L
    • Bonus: Curves on two-feet

Beginning Skate 3

  • Forward skating across the ice
  • Forward pumps on a circle; 6-8 consecutive, both directions
  • Moving forward to backward two-foot turns, both directions
  • Beginning backward one-foot glides (R & L)
  • Backward snowplow stop with skid, R or L
  • Forward "Zig-Zag"/Slalom pattern
    • Bonus: Forward inside pivot (R&L)

Intermediate Skate 4

  • Forward stroking with correct use of blade
  • Forward outside (FO) edge on a circle (R & L)
  • Forward inside (FI) edge on a circle (R & L)
  • Forward crossover; 4-6 consecutive, both directions
  • Advanced backward one-foot glides; one body length (R & L)
  • Backward pumps on a circle: 6-8 consecutive, both directions
    • Bonus: Forward Lunge, R or L

Intermediate Skate 5

  • Backward outside (BO) edge on a circle ( R&L)
  • Backward inside (BI) edge on a circle ( R&L)
  • Backward crossovers; 4-6 consecutive, both directions
  • Moving backward to forward two-foot turn, both directions
  • Backward stroking
  • Hockey stop, both directions
    • Bonus: Shoot the Duck


Aspire Academy Level Descriptions 

Free Skate Fundamentals

  • Forward outside (FO) 3-turns froma standstill ( R&L)
  • Forward inside (FI) 3-turns froma standstill (R&L)
  • Forward spiral in a straight ling (R or L)
  • T-stops using the correct edge ( R&L)
  • Bunny hops (R&L)
  • Side toe hops; both directions
  • Two-foot spin; 4-6 revolutions, optional entry
    • Bonus: Beginning one-foot spin (2-3 revs.)

Pre Free Skate

  • Forward inside (FI) open Mohawk from a standstill; R to L & L to R
  • Backward crossovers into a back outside (BO) landing edge, both directions
  • Moving back outside (BO) reverse Mohawk; R to L & L to R
  • One-foot upright spin; 406 revolutions, optional entry & free leg position
  • Moving FO 3-turns (R & L)
  • Waltz jump from 2-3 backward crossovers
    • Bonus: BI pivots (R & L)

Free Skate 1

  • Forward perimeter stroking pattern, both directions (PP MIF)
  • FO & FI edges; 4-6 consecutive (PP MIF)
  • Moving FI 3-turns (R & L)
  • Mohawk step combination; both directions
  • Scratch spin from 2-3 backward crossovers; 4 revs. ( free foot crossed in front)
  • 1/2 Flip
  • Toe Loop
    • Bonus: Waltz jump/Side toe hop/Waltz jump

Free Skate 2

  • Forward sprials in a straight line, R & L (PP MIF)
  • BO & BI edges, 4-6 consecutive (PP MIF)
  • Moving BO 3-turns ( R & L)
  • Beginning back spin; 1-2 revolutions, optional entry & free foot
  • 1/2 Lutz
  • Salchow
  • Watlz 3-turns, 3 in a row (R & L)
    • Bonus: Forward spiral variations

Free Skate 3

  • Forward & Backward crossovers in a figure eight pattern (Pre MIF)
  • FO & FI consecutive spirals; 4-6 (Pre MIF)
  • BI 3-turns (R & L)
  • Waltz Eight pattern (PP MIF)
  • Advanced back spin; 3-4 revolutions with free foot crossed in front
  • Waltz jump/Toe Loop
  • Salchow/Toe Loop
    • Loop Jump


Adult Learn-to-Skate Level Discriptions 

Adult 1

  • Falling & Recovery
  • Forward marching across the ice
  • Forward two-foot glide
  • Dip and tuck
  • Forward Swizzles
  • Scooter pushes or T-push
  • Forward strides/strokes & gliding
  • Backward skating
  • Backward swizzles
  • Forward one-foot glides: R & L
  • Two-foot turns in place
  • Snowplow stops: R & L
  • Forward curves on two feet
  • Forward 1/2 swizzle pumps on a circle: both directions

Adult 2

  • Forward stroking
  • Moving snowplow stop
  • Backward 1/2 swizzle pumps on a circle: both directions
  • Moving two-foot turns on a curve: both directions
  • Forward edges on a circle: outside & inside, R & L
  • Forward crossovers: both directions
  • Backward one-foot glide: R & L
  • Forward Chasses on a circle

Adult 3

  • Forward slalom
  • Gliding hockey turns: R & L, with speed in and out turn
  • Forward stops & starts
  • Lateral marching crossovers: both directions
  • Backward edges on a circle: outside & inside, R & L
  • Backward crossovers: both directions
  • Backward snowplow or V-stop
  • Forward inside Mohawk, R to L or L to R
  • Basic forward outside & inside consecutive edges (4-6)
  • Forward progressives

Adult 4 

  • Forward three-turns: outside or inside, R & L 
  • Perimeter forward stroking with crossover end patterns
  • Forward outside to inside change of edge sequence
  • Alternate forward crossovers with forward inside egde transition
  • Alternate backward crossovers with two-foot transition
  • Footwork Sequence: 3-5 forward crossovers into an inside Mohawk followed by 3-5 backward crossovers, step forward outside the circle and repeat
  • Forward arabesque/spiral, R or L
  • Forward lunge, R or L



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