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Fitness , Cardio and Functional Training

Fitness & Cardio areas/rooms are open according to Facility Hours.


Youth (14 - 17): $5.00

Adults (18 - 61): $7.00

Senior (62+): $6.00

 Premiun & Ultimate Members: No Charge


Must be 14 or older to use the Fitness & Cardio Equiptment, per insurance. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Be respectful to others. If you are NOT actively using a machine please allow others to. This includes resting inbetween sets. 

No saving machines with personal items

May contain: advertisement and poster

Fitness Room

Strengthen your muscles and get toned in our fitness room. Our fitness room offers free weights as well as weightlifting machines. Free monthly weightlifting orientations are available. Stretching/small fitness equipment area also available on the south end of the ice arena balcony.


Cardio Room

Our state-of-the-art cardio room offers a large variety of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and cross trainers. You may bring your own headphones if you wish to watch television for a more enjoyable workout.


Ice Balcony Cardio

Various cardio machines are located on the balcony in the ice arena, overlooking the ice rink. Stretching/small fitness equipment area also available on the south end of the balcony.

Functional Training Room

Recently repurposed from a racquetball court, our Functional Training Room is located in the racquetball hallway, with many fitness amenities not located in the Fitness Room. Room available according to facility operating hours and group fitness classes. 


For more information on our Cardio and Fitness Rooms, please contact us here. 

Need to juggle the kiddos? The Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center offers in-house childcare!

Childcare Information

Looking for group fitness classes? View Group Fitness Classes