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 Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to work with an instructor one-on-one in order to learn and improve swimming techniques; they're great for any level of swimmer. Private swim lessons are run through independent contractors.

These independent contractors teach lessons at CHRC and are responsible for collecting fees for services. They are also responsible for patron communication and determining their lesson schedule. The cost of admission for the facility is NOT covered by your payment to an instructor.

Private Instructor Contact Information 


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Hi!  I'm Julie. I'm a recent transplant from Montrose, Colorado.  I'm very happy to be here at Cottonwood Heights and am excited to begin teaching ADULT SWIMMING LESSONS.  I have been teaching people of all ages for several years and am now focusing on teaching and empowering adults in the water.  I have discovered over my years of teaching, that while many adults make sure their children learn to swim, a lot of them don't know how to swim themselves. I have met adults who used to swim "back in the day" but are not confident about getting back into the pool anymore.   I have met people who are recovering from injuries and surgeries who want to begin swimming as a low-impact, whole-body healthy exercise.  I've helped people with their swimming strokes so they can move more efficiently in the water and enjoy doing laps. I've worked with people who suffer from anxiety when they are in the water and want to overcome that.  Whatever your goals, I would love to help you achieve them.  

Julie's phone number: 970-901-5050





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If interested please email for a list of instructors.