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Private Skating Lessons

 The ice rink is closed at this time and all programs, public sessions, freestyles, and private reservations are cancelled. The rink is estimated to re-open in June 2024. 


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Skate professionals at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center are indepenent professionals and are not employees of the recreation center. For more information regarding lessons, please see the professional bios below and contact a professional directly via their available contact informaiton. 

Information Regarding Private Skate Lessons

Working with a Skate Pro provides benefits beyond simply having someone to encourage and motivate you to enhance your skills.

  • The cost of admission into the facility is  NOT  covered by your payment to the skate pro.
  • Skate Pros are independent professionals who have obtained a license to train within the facilities of the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area, and as such, their business and services are not endorsed, sponsored by or done in partnership with CHPRSA.
  • Individual profiles are written and provided by Skate Pros.
  • Contact information is available on the respective bio below
  • Pro costs are not communicated to CHRC; please contact specific pros in regards to their fees.

Current CHRC Licensed Skating Professionals 


All other coaches, instructors, or skate pros must abide by posted rules of facility and pay appropriate usage fees.