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Pre-Comp Swim Team

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The Pre-Comp Swim Team is designed for swimmers who have just completed Swim Lessons and wish to continue towards competition or recreation swimming. Pre-Comp will prepare swimmers for the transition into competitive swimming, while also promoting proper technique, training, and terminology associated with both competitive and recreational swimming.



Practices are held Monday-Thursday from 4-4:45pm or 5-5:45pm in the indoor pools. 

March 4th - March 28thFebruary 29 at 6pm in the Specialty pool 
April 8th-April 25thMarch 28 at 6pm in the Race pool
April 29th-May 16th  April 25 at 6pm in the Race pool

Tryout Information

Swimmers must first attend a Pre-Comp Tryout and pass the following skills before being permitted to register for the Pre-Comp Swim Team:
~50 yards of freestyle
~50 yards of backstroke
~25 yards of breaststroke
~15 yards of butterfly
**Tryouts DO NOT guarantee you a spot. Swimmers must be registered & paid before they can swim.**

**No prior registration required for Tryouts.**

**If you have questions or are unable to attend any scheduled Pre-Comp tryout, please email to set up another time to be evaluated.**