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Fitness & Cardio Rates

Membership TypePer UsageCombo 10 Punch CardCombo 20 Punch Card
Adult Ultimate MemberNo ChargeN/AN/A
Adult Premium MemberNo Charge$48$96
Adult Basic Member$5$48$96
Adult Non-Member$6$63$126
Senior Ultimate Member (62+)No ChargeN/AN/A
Senior Premium Member (62+)No Charge$40$80
Senior Basic Member (62+)$4$40$80
Senior Non-Member (62+)$5$54$108
Youth* Ultimate Member (14-17)No ChargeN/AN/A
Youth* Premium Member (14-17)No Charge$40$80
Youth* Basic Member (14-17)$4$40$80
Youth* Non-Member (14-17)$5$54$108

*All Youth must be over 14 to use the Cardio & Fitness Room