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 General League Information

  • Recreation League: 3rd-8th Grades
  • Rookie League: K-2nd Grade

UYSA Membership - Starting Fall 2022

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CHPRSA is excited with the opportunity to manage and grow the “beautiful game” on a local level, with local influence, as a new member of the statewide Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA). UYSA is sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer to be the governing body of soccer in Utah, and is also recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the governing body for youth soccer in our state. As a member of this state-wide organization, CHYS will receive referee resources, training and certification, coaches training and resources, equipment leads, among other benefits, in an effort to provide the best possible recreation soccer experience to the Cottonwood Heights community.

Our league focuses on and promotes the "recreation" aspect of youth sports:

  • League is programmed in various aspects in an effort to promote FUN over wins and losses.
  • Teams are compiled as a result of many variables, but specifically: reported skill level, current age and school. 
    • Friend requests are permitted on a limited level, but not guaranteed. We do not allow coaches to hand-select or request their teams, likewise requests to play for specific coaches are considered but not guaranteed.
  • The provided jersey/uniform is the "participation award". 
  • There are no playoffs, standings, or league champions. 
    • We do keep score and consequently indicate who wins and losses, but this information is not published in any capacity after the fact.
  • Coaches are committed to:
    • Ensure all players play equal amounts of time, and have a fair opportunity to learn every position, if desired. 
    • Promote good sportsmanship.
    • Respect other coaches, players, staff members and officials. 

Each season:

  • All games and allotted practice days/times will be held at Butler Park in Cottonwood Heights (7500 S. 2700 E., CWH, UT 84121)
  • Rosters will NOT change once they are distributed.
  • Schedules do NOT change once they have been posted.
  • Our league has strict rules regarding sportsmanlike conduct.
    • Foul behavior from spectators, coaches, or participants toward any spectator, coach, participant, referee, or staff is not allowed and is grounds for expulsion from the league.