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General League Information

Flag Football is a great introduction into learning the fundamentals of football with an emphasis on fun and fair play. This flag football league is recommended for individuals who wants a safer alternative to contact football but also a great start for kids who would someday like to play in full contact leagues. There will be spring and fall registration options.

  • Rookie League: 1st & 2nd Grades
    • Focus on the introductory elements of football; "games" consist of 15 minute practices before leading into two 15-minute halves. 
    • One weekly game, additional practices optional and scheduled by coach, if applicable.
  • Recreation League: 3rd-8th Grades
    • Basic rules and gameplay, at least one weekly game, practices optional and scheduled by coach. 


  • Our league focuses on and promotes the "recreation" aspect of youth sports:
  • League is programmed in various aspects in an effort to promote FUN over wins and losses.
  • Teams are compiled as a result of many variables, but specifically: reported skill level, current age and school. 
    • Friend requests are permitted on a limited level, but not guaranteed. We do not allow coaches to hand-select or request their teams, likewise requests to play for specific coaches are considered but not guaranteed.
  • The provided jersey/uniform is the "participation award". 
  • There are no playoffs, standings, or league champions. 
    • We do keep score and consequently indicate who wins and losses, but this information is not published after the fact.
  • Coaches are committed to:
    • Ensure all players play equal amounts of time, and have a fair opportunity to learn every position, if desired. 
    • Promote good sportsmanship.
    • Respect other coaches, players, staff members and officials. 

Each season:

  • All games will be held at Mill Hollow Park: 2900 Hollow Mill Drive, Cottonwood Heights
  • Rosters will NOT change once they are distributed.
  • Schedules do NOT change once they have been posted.
  • Our league has strict rules regarding sportsmanlike conduct.
    • Foul behavior from spectators, coaches, or participants toward any spectator, coach, participant, referee, or staff is not allowed and is grounds for expulsion from the league.