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 Group Swim Lesson Overview

Group Swim Lessons are run by CHRC trained employees. We are a proud provider of  The Starfish Aquatic Institute (SAI). More information on Group Swim Lessons can be found under the “Group Swim Lessons” tab below.

Our group swim lessons are offered year-round, providing instruction on beginner to intermediate levels of swimming. Classes are dividing into the following groups: Starbabies, Swim School, Stroke School, and Adult Classes. Starbabies and Adult classes are taught to each individual participant’s needs, while Swim School and Stroke School are broken down further into levels that focus on specific skills and concepts. Each group lesson will have between 4-6 participants in a class. Class size is dependent on level and age of participants.

Unsure of what level to register for?

Each level's required skills and descriptions can be found below.

 Click here to register.*