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 Weather and Cancellations

Game/Practice Cancellations - Youth Soccer

CHRC Programs will go on as scheduled unless participants/coaches/parents are notified otherwise by CHRC staff or through designated channels (i.e., texting, email, designated URL, Facebook, etc.). Games/programs will run as scheduled through cold weather, light rain, and even light snow, as long as field conditions are safe and playable.

  • Cancellations (for both CHRC Programs and Athletic Field Renters)
    • Either CHRC or the respective Renter may cancel scheduled use of the field(s) according to the following criteria:
      • Unplayable field conditions or safety concerns:
        • Fields being excessively wet or dry.
        • Standing water on large portions of the field which cannot be avoided.
        • Exposed sprinklers and/or sprinkler lines.
        • Excessive damage(s) to the field.
      • Weather:
        • Visible lightning, audible thunder, or hail.
          • Note that games/programs could only be suspended in these cases, but must wait until conditions clear up to resume.
          • Field activity should not resume until 30 minutes after last seen lightning strike. 
        • Heavy rain, sleet or snow.
        • Extreme heat or cold.

Note that CHRC additionally reserves the right to cancel any scheduled field use for any reason not specified above, at their sole discretion with little or no notice, if applicable.